iSpeedX Free v1.0 for iPhone released!

iVehicle v1.4 for iPhone released!

ExchangeIt v1.34 for iPhone released!

iVehicle v1.2 for iPhone released!

iVehicle v1.1 for iPhone released!


ExchangIt is a powerful and easy to use currency converter application for your iPhone and iPod touch.


It provides up-to-date exchange rates information for over 150 different currencies. And more than 140 weights and measures conversion would bring you a relaxed travel and shopping. Furthermore, with a built-in calculator you do not need to switch to Calculator app just for temporary calculation.


ExchangIt is powerful for travelling abroad, business trip, vacation or shopping with overseas currencies.


It needs internet connectivity to obtain the latest exchange rates.





iVehicle is a practical software for managing gas-consuming, mileage and total payout. iVehicle will help you save money and take good care of your vehicle.


iVehicle has included common items such as car maintenance and repair, parking fees, car washing, tickets and tolls. This manager can remind you before any necessary maintenance for your dearest car, and prevent missing important dates.




iVehicle Lite

iVehicle is a practical software for managing gas-consuming, mileage and total payout. iVehicle will help you save money and take good care of your vehicle.


This is a Lite edition and it\'s free. It can manage one vehicle with ten refill records. If you need more function please purchase “iVehicle” which provides more functions to manage all expenses of your vehicles.




iSpeedX Free

Turn your iPhone and iPad into a speedometer with iSpeedX! iSpeedX can display and record your traveling speed, AND can point to you direction with its compass feature. Whether you are running, biking, riding motorcycle, driving, or even sailing on a yacht, iSpeedX is your best sporty accompany!


* Compass
* Maximum speed
* Current speed
* Average speed
* Traveled distance
* Traveled time
* Current location Longitude and latitude
* Current location Elevation

Interchangeable speed units:
  m/s, km/h, mph, nm/h (knots)

Requires iPhone 3Gs /iPhone 4/ iPad wifi+3G or later




Easy Screensaver Creator-Express

Creating is great for displaying your Christmas, family, travel, baby, pet, wedding, etc... photos as a screen saver on your work and home computer and you can create a single screen saver file or application to email and share the screen saver with your friends at any time.




Easy Screensaver Creator-Standard

The perfect way to create screen saver for free or resale. Create screen saver for advertisement, promoting your business or organization etc... (for commercial, government, noncommercial or private use) and includes installation customization and resale features.




Flash Screensaver Creator

Flash Screensaver Creator is an Easy to Use tool. It has a friendly guide to help you learn very quickly. It can switch your favored flash files into screen savers which you can distribute to your friends and clients.


Flash Screensaver Creator helps you to crate a free screen saver, as well as a share screen saver and registration code. What you can create is a single file(.scr), meanwhile it has the function to crate an installation disk. It's easier to distribute your products and it has more functions to make a commercial flash screen saver.





Did you have many images to convert? Did your website need a lot of thumbnails? If you use traditional tool to convert them one by one it would take your much time! Now at once use BatchImage, it will help you save much time and work happily!


BatchImage is an Easy to Use graphics tool software. You don\'t need special skill. You can transform a lot of different format pictures to JPG or BMP pictures, and can deal with the pictures with different effect. At the same time the filename number be automatic gone along.




Firebird MP3

Do you have many audio CDs? Would you like to enjoy your favourite music at any time while you don't need to take the CDs with you? Firebird MP3 will help you to realize it! It will help you to rip tracks from audio CDs and save as MP3 or WAV and then transmit to your MP3 players or computers, you will enjoy your favourite music at any time!


Firebird MP3 is a flexible and easy to use tool which extracts your tracks of audio CD and converts them to the most commonly used audio formats - MP3, WAV. Besides its easy settings it has some additional advanced features like using FreeDB(CD database), WAV to MP3, ID3 tags editor, Play list editor, Music file explorer.





FlashTask is a powerful desktop utility. It can effectively complete what you want to do. The FlashTask v2.0 included two modules, they are Flash Launcher and Flash LANMessenger.


Flash Launcher is a powerful shortcut manager which lets you save all kinds of programs, files, directories, websites and E-mails. Only click mouse, you may find them quickly and easily and open or launch them.


Flash LANMessenger is a real-time communication program for LAN. It provides a quick way to send message on your LAN.