Which is the difference between Express and Standard versions?

Express version can create screen saver with images, music files and transition effects.

Standard version has all the functions of Express version,furthermore can create shareware screen saver for promoting your business or organization etc... (for commercial, government, noncommercial or private use) and supports more advanced options.

If I make a screen saver for someone do they have to have Easy Screensaver Creator program to see it?

No, each screen saver created with Easy Screensaver Creator is a stand-alone, It contains images, sounds, music, and everything else needed to run it.

How can I share a screen saver with my family and friends?

  1. You can send a screen saver by email as an attachment (Use Outlook Express or other email programs);
  2. You can upload it to a website (Use CuteFTP or other similar FTP programs), then tell people the download URL;
  3. You can copy the screen saver to a CD-ROM. To copy a screen saver to a CD-ROM, like any other file, you will need a CD burner device (a CD recorder) and a CD burner software (like Nero, EasyCD Creator or similar). Please refer to your CD recorder documentation for details about this issue.
  4. You can created a screen saver installation file, it is a normal file. You can copy/delete/rename it like any other file on your hard drive or your floppy disk.

Easy Screensaver Creator created screen saver will work on a Apple Macintosh?

No, sorry. They will work only on Microsoft Windows 32bit based PCs.

I have a disc burner. Can I burn on a CD the screen saver that I create, so I could give it to a friend?

Certainly, you can burn your screen saver on a CD and give it to your friend.

How come when I display my images the color is unclear or distorted?

In order to view images that have colors greater than 256, your computer display settings needs to be set to at least 16 bit or higher. Please refer to your computer manual before making changes. Not all computers and monitors can display past 256 colors.

To view your computer display settings and make changes to the palette - follow the steps below.

  1. Click the "start" button
  2. Select "settings"
  3. Select "control panel"
  4. Double click the "display" icon
  5. Click the "settings" tab
  6. Choose at least "High Color (16 bit)" or "True Color(24 bit)"as your Color palette

Does the Easy Screensaver Creator have antitheft image/media storage with encryption for protection of images once the screen saver is created?


Do you require royalties on screen saver created with Easy Screensaver Creator?

We do not require royalties or any kind of rights on the screen saver you create. All the screen saver you create with Easy Screensaver Creator own entirely to you. If you are a REGISTERED user you are entitled to distribute all the screen saver you make. You can use, distribute and sell them freely.

Who can use it?

Easy Screensaver Creator is designed for a broad array of users. Customers can easily create personality screen savers with using Easy Screensaver Creator.

  1. Corporate Users who create screen savers for company interests.
  2. Computer Professionals who offer design and consulting services to clients.
  3. Small Businesses that build screen savers to market their own products and services.
  4. Hobbyists who use the product at home to create their own personal screen savers.

Regardless of an user's technical sophistication, Easy Screensaver Creator makes it easy to create professional-quality screen saver.

Why does every time I open the program to create a screen saver it prompts me to connect to the Internet?

Every time opening Easy Screensaver Creator would through Internet to gain the latest news of product(connect to our web site www.JungleMetal.com). The function is the same as clicking "What's New".