Do you have many audio CDs? Would you like to enjoy your favourite music at any time while you don't need to take the CDs with you? Firebird MP3 will help you to realize it! It will help you to rip tracks from audio CDs and save as MP3 or WAV and then transmit to your MP3 players or computers, you will enjoy your favourite music at any time!


Firebird MP3 is a flexible and easy to use tool which extracts your tracks of audio CD and converts them to the most commonly used audio formats - MP3, WAV. Besides its easy settings it has some additional advanced features like using FreeDB(CD database), WAV to MP3, ID3 tags editor, Play list editor, Music file explorer.



  • Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or compatible.
  • Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista.
  • As much memory space on your computer as possible. (We recommend at least 128 megabytes.)
  • 5 MB available hard disk space for program installation.
  • True Color or Hi-Color display adapter and monitor, with 800x600 or higher display mode.


Key Features

  • CD Ripper - Rips tracks from your Audio CD and save as MP3 or WAV.
  • WAV to MP3 - Convert your wav file(s) to MP3 format. At the same time you can save ID3 tags.
  • ID3 tags Editor - Modifies ID3 tags of MP3 file.
  • Play list Editor - Creates or Modifies M3U play list.
  • Album and artist information manager - You can save album's track list, cover art and artist information.
  • Search music file




1. CD Ripper


2. Music Explorer


3. WAV to MP3


4. ID3 Editor